Recommended System Environment
and How to Use

■Software environments for playing the App

For regular stamp rally function:
*In some cases, even when using a device as listed below, depending on the model used the App may not be playable.
*Tablets are unsupported.
・iOS: iOS10.0 or higher
・Android: Android6.0 or higher
For stamp rally rendering function using ARKit:
*From the below list, only a subsection of devices with iOS11 can be used.
・iPhone X
・iPhone8 Plus
・iPhone7 Plus
・iPhone SE
・iPhone6s Plus
For stamp rally rendering function using ARCore:
*From the below list, only a subsection of devices can be used.
・Galaxy S7
・Galaxy S7 edge
・Galaxy S8
・Galaxy S8+
・Galaxy S9
・Galaxy S9+
・ Nexus 5X
・ Nexus 6P
・ Pixel
・ Pixel2

■When and where can the App be played?

■Messages (voice) from Zero function

Messages (voice) from Zero function is set with a usage license period.
Be aware that you will not be able to use functions outside of the valid period.

Valid period : Feb. 9, 2019 - April 30, 2019

■If you can't get "AR Spatial Information" even when you search

■If nothing is displayed with the ARKit or ARCore function

ARKit and ARCore acquire flat image information such as floors. Recognition is easier if you point your rear camera towards a floor with a clear pattern such as wood grain, and slowly move your device.

■About posting images or movies on social media, etc.

■Inquiry about the App

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